Zip-lines, Quads, Horses, and Food- Oh My!

This morning we headed out for the Drakensburg Zip Line Canopy Tours- they are known for having the 2nd highest zip line in Africa, and the only place that has zip lines that take you through the jungle canopy instead of above it. We arrived just in time to scarf down some breakfast and meet up with the rest of our group for the safety briefing. There were 12 zip lines set up all with varying heights, distances, and speed. We started out with a very short one, just to get the feel for it, and then we were ready for the big boys. We zigzagged across the whole mountain side yelling at the top of our lungs (like Tarzan of course) before finally ending at our final stop.

After the Zip line, we drove another couple hours to Heidi’s (Wesley’s Sister) Appaloosa horse farm. I’m sure by now you are getting tired of me saying this…but this place was absolutely stunning- It was over 1,000 acres of rolling hills, huge gum trees, fresh water creeks, wide open meadows, the whole bit. They even own their own mountain, which we gleefully explored on ATV’s that whole afternoon. I nearly fell off my ATV on two separate occasions- Come to think of it, the number of near death experiences I’ve had in the last week has been quite alarming.

That evening Heidi and her husband Patrick took us out for a six course meal at an insanely exclusive restaurant called the Cleo Patria Farm House. There were just 12 other patrons that dinned along with us. The lady that ran the restaurant took a good 15 minutes to describe the entire menu in mind numbing detail. This is when I realized I was out of my element- the only six course meal I was used to is a burger, fries, milk shake, and then the same thing repeated (haha kidding). Our table was neatly set with four forks on the left, two spoons and three knives on the right. The food was absolutely divine.

The next morning, Heidi, Wesley, and I took off for an afternoon horse ride around her farm and up into the mountains. It had been a long while since I last rode a horse so a quick crash course was welcomed. They put me on a old horse called Stillwater… which sounded harmless enough. A few minutes into the ride we walked our horses through a river and then cantered up a windy mountain trail that shortly petered out into a field of trees. I was thinking this was the end of the road and we would be turning back- nope, we were just getting started. No longer on a trail of any sort we scampered up the rest of the steep forested mountain with baboons curiously looking at us as we trotted by. We rode for about two hours through the beautiful landscape, before turning back and heading for home. Ol’ Stillwater still had plenty of pep in her step though when we galloped the last little bit back to the barn. I must say it was the most fun I’d ever had horseback riding- Thanks Heidi for the experience!

(Video to come soon)

**Side Note** If you have been following along- you’ll notice most of my posts have promised a “video to come soon”. Well let me tell you the reason they are not posted right now. It’s because I’m convinced the whole of Africa is competing for who can have the official title for WIFI slowest speed record! Haha, on the upside I have learned how to truly appreciate a webpage once it has fully loaded 1-3 minutes later.

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